Glass is a magical material…

It takes many years to reach the necessary skills to craft and dominate it. We will work with masters able to tame it and maybe make possible our projects…
This design course introduces different glassworking notions and processes as “ohand” glassblowing, “solidworking” and glassblowing with existing molds.
Participants will develop a personal project within the frame of a common theme. A dialogue between the concept and the possible (material and technical limitations) will be held.
The output of the workshop will be presented on saturday morning and discussed during the last meal toghether.

Workshop fee per student:
1.500 €
The participation fee includes lodging in a standard (shared) room, the tuition fee and all materials for the workshop.
Accommodation in a B&B / Hotel Conterie in Murano + lunch – Ristorante Al Duomo
1.200 €
The tuition fee and all materials for the workshop.
Payment, registration & refund policy
The registration reservation should be payed at least one month prior to the beghining of the workshop.
The registration reservation is 50% of the total fee: A: 750 € / B 600 €
The 100% of this reservation would be refunded if the registration is cancelled three weeks prior to the beghining of the workshop.
The 50% of this reservation would be refunded if the registration is cancelled two weeks prior to the beghining of the workshop.
After this two weeks the organization will keep the total amount of the registration reservation.
The participants are requested to pay their full participation fee and provide all the documentation two weeks prior to the beghining
of the workshop.
We will send the list of all participants two weeks prior to the beghining of the workshop.
Groups from 10 to 15 participants
If the minimum number of participants is not reached, the course will be cancelled.
Should the course be cancelled by the organizer, the participation fees will be refunded.
*The organization reserves the right to make changes in the sequence and content of the workshop program,
as well as to replace the instructor in case of illness.

The participants will check in on sunday afternoon at the Hotel Conterie in Murano and will check out next saturday before 12 am.
The workshop begins on monday at 9:30 am. and finishes saturday at lunch time.
Weeks to choose:
MAY: 21 – 27
JUNE: 11 – 17 / 25 june – 1 july
JULY: 9 -15 / 23 -29

Arrival / Departure: Venice or Treviso airports.
From the airport to Murano:
• Treviso: Train to Stazione Venezia Santa Lucia + Vaporeto to Murano
• Venice: Boat to Murano

The participant is responsible for arranging suicient insurance coverage for the duration of the workshop: accident, liability
and health insurance for travel abroad including evacuation, theft insurance for one’s personal eects.
The organizer is not liable for any costs or damages. For all its oered courses and undertaking, the organizer shall not be liable
for any damages to people or property caused by acts of nature or by third parties.
Intellectual Property Rights
For all designs and works produced during the workshops the organization will share the intellectual property with the participant.

Antichi Angeli

Murano glass original production & artistic glass works
Murano and its furnaces is a place where the art work of glass objects is made by the wisdom of hundreds of years
and where Venetian glass masters pass from generation to generation the knowledge of the workings of artistic glass
that made them famous worldwide.
Our furnace produces glass objects with traditional glassmaking in Venice: Chandeliers, glasses, lanterns, vases
and mirrors, all high quality artistic works.
Antichi Angeli isfamous for old reproductions such as luxurious chandeliers, antique lamps, mirrors and vases.
Our ancient production techniques allow us to create unique and rare items, classic reproductions of items for antiquaries
and products on demand. Every Murano glass reproduction for us is an unique item, made with perfection.
We can realize any type of artwork on commission. We produce glassworks for artists and designers on their specific demands.
Murano island in Venice has been working with glass for centuries and our furnace fits perfectly in the context,
where glass is made of the creativity of artists. Our glassmakers can turn your ideas to reality thanks to ancient working
techniques. We have been realizing custom glassworks on demand since generations.
Family traditions have always been considered the most important thing here in Murano, that’s why we have been doing
this job since early generations.
Every item produced in Murano in our furnace is in fact worked by hand and followed step by step by the owners who control
quality according to ancient working techniques.